Statistic Units Neonate 1 yo 8 yo Adult
Tidal VolumemL/kg7877
Dead SpacemL/kg222.82
Vital CapacitymL/kg40456060
Functional Residual CapacitymL/kg28254035
Heart Rate1/min133+-18120+-285+-1075+-5
Cardiac IndexL/min/m^22.5+-0.62.5+-0.64.0+-13.7+-0.3
Systolic BPmmHg73+-896+-30100+-15122+-30
Diastolic BPmmHg50+-866+-2556+-975+-20
Oxygen ConsumptionmL/kg/min6+-1.05.2+-0.14.9+-0.93.4+-0.6

Normal Systolic Blood pressure for peds:  70 + \left ( 2 \times age \right )

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